Leron 2023

The Croatian Cultural Centre “Bunjevačko kolo” from Subotica emerged as the winner of the 21st edition of the renowned “Leron” International Folklore Festival. The jury, consisting of Lorella Limoncin Toth, Lidija Nikočević, and Massimo Brajković, praised the young folklorists from Serbia for their exceptional instrumental skills, authenticity in their dances, and the diversity of their traditional costumes. The enthusiastic audience, gathered at the packed main square, wholeheartedly agreed with the jury’s decision and showered the winners with applause, celebrating their well-deserved victory. The performance by the “Bunjevačko kolo” group was energetic, lively, charismatic, and flawlessly executed. They managed to surpass the exceptional talent of the other participating dancers and virtuoso musicians in this edition of “Leron.” Other notable awards included the recognition for the originality and precision of the costumes, which was bestowed upon the folklore group “I Posagnot” from Italy. The award for outstanding instrumental and musical performance went to the “Banda Burek” ensemble from Poland, while the Greeks from “Agios Ioannis o Theologos” in Thessaloniki were honoured for their exceptional choreography and dance routines.

The final evening of the festival featured captivating performances by the award-winning groups, as well as the participation of the folklore group RAK from Rakek, Slovenia, and the folklore group “Stelutis di Udin” from Italy.

The festival commenced on Thursday with an event called “Waiting for the Leron…“ In recent years, the traditional Furlana evening has been held prior to the actual festival, featuring discussions led by ethnomusicologist Dario Marušić and choreographer and pedagogue Vidoslav Bagur. On Friday, there was a parade along Trgovačka ulica-Via Merceria, showcasing performances by local groups. The grand finale took place on Saturday and included a reception by the mayor, a round table discussion, and performances by the guest groups in the town square.