Leron 2001

The first edition of the International Folklore Festival brought performers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia. Even the impending rain surrendered to the importance of this event, allowing the show to continue successfully. The day started with a round table with a theme “Cultural enhancement of folk costumes and traditional folk dances”. In the evening, the audience enjoyed the parade and performances by the groups from Ðakovo (Slavonia), Rovinj, Raša, Peroj, Šempeter pri Gorici (Slovenia), Galižana, Nerezine (Mali Lošinj – Croatia), Treviso – Italy (bagpipers of the Baghe della Zosagna and a folk group from Treviso) and Vodnjan (a folk group of the Italian Community of Vodnjan Istria and the Folklore ensemble Balun).

The awards for the originality of the costumes, instruments and musical accompaniment went respectively to the Italian Community of Vodnjan and Galižana. Whereas, the prize for the authenticity and the synchrony of the dances went to the group “Studenac” from Nerezine.